Steel Vengeance – The Ultimate Roller Coaster

Cedar Point is known as the Roller Coaster Capital of the World, and for good reason. They have, in my opinion, the best collection of roller coasters on earth. So whenever the park adds a new coaster, you know it’s going to be something special. Steel Vengeance is no exception to that rule. It’s the worlds first “hyper-hybrid” roller coaster – a 205 foot tall monstrosity with a wooden support structure and twisted steel track. The ride breaks a total of 10 records – including tallest, fastest and longest ride of its kind, as well as most airtime on any roller coaster ever – an impressive record for sure. It’s a massive ride that towers over the Frontier Town section of the park, as you’ll see in the 360° photo below.

Before we get into my review of the ride, let’s talk a little bit about its history. Steel Vengeance is the reincarnation of a former ride – Mean Streak – a wooden roller coaster that opened in 1991 and didn’t exactly age gracefully. Enter Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) – a roller coaster company which specializes in breathing new life into old wooden coasters. Ever since their first major project in 2011, (New Texas Giant) enthusiasts have dreamed of a potential RMC makeover of Mean Streak. When the ride’s closure was announced in September 2016, speculation went into overdrive. It wasn’t long until RMC’s signature IBox track started showing up on site. Over the next 10 months we all anxiously watched as new steel was placed and the crazy maneuvers of this ride began to take shape. Cedar point didn’t officially announce Steel Vengeance until August of 2017, so fans had nearly a full year to speculate about the finer details of this new ride.

Mean Streak
Mean Streak – Image from

So, how is the ride? Quite simply, Steel Vengeance is the best roller coaster I’ve ever ridden. It has everything you could want in a roller coaster: height, speed, air time, inversions, laterals, head choppers, the list could go on… it really is the total package, the ultimate roller coaster. Cresting the lift hill in the front row gives you some incredible hangtime as you watch the drop get steeper and steeper before barreling to the ground at a 90° angle. In the back row, you get yanked down the drop, forcing you out of your seat and experiencing blissful airtime as you plummet back to earth. The next few elements of the ride provide some amazing airtime as well, with one being exceptionally unique: an outward banked hill. It’s a very interesting sensation to be slightly thrown to the side and then up and out of your seat.

Outer Banked Airtime Hill
Outer Banked Airtime Hill

Next you encounter the ride’s first two inversions, which are navigated incredibly smoothly. The first is an uphill zero-g roll, which feels like it keeps you rolling for longer than normal because you immediately enter a banked turn after exiting the roll. After the banked turn is an element unique to Steel Vengeance, a “Twisted Snake Dive”. This inversion is a lot of fun because it starts off like a normal barrel roll, but instead of continuing to roll all the way over, you briefly pause upside-down and then are flipped back out in the same direction you entered in and quickly dive back towards the ground. After a few more airtime hills you make it to mid-course brakes offering you the briefest moment to collect yourself before embarking on the absolutely insane second half of the ride.

Twisted Snake Dive
Twisted Snake Dive

Dropping off the brakes provides another excellent airtime moment followed by a couple more airtime hills. After that you come to my favorite part of the ride – a slightly outward banked hill that twists and dives back into the massive wooden structure. The sustained airtime, lateral forces and head-chopper effect of all the supports flying past your head make this such a fun moment, and it really sets the tone for insanity that’s about to take place. From here on out this ride throws everything it can at you. From over-banked turns to barrel rolls and of course more airtime hills, it’s an incredibly disorienting experience, and with the wooden structure completely surrounding you, it can be hard to tell what’s up and what’s down. The ride finally ends with a series of bunny hops that provide some very forceful ejector air. I found it impossible to enter the final brakes without a huge smile on my face – it’s just a fantastic ride, and easily my new favorite.

Below you’ll find a photo gallery of some of my favorite photos I took on Steel Vengeance Media Day, as well as a 360° photo of the amazing view you get while waiting in line.



And lastly, I leave you with one final 360° photo – this time from the infield of Steel Vengeance. This location offers the best vantage point for watching the coaster fly all around you!

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